Welcome to Electromagnetic (Microwave / Infrared / UV) Drying & Heating

We have started our journey in the year 1998, with FM & TV Broadcast equipments & antennas and RF Comp- onents products.

Our vast experience of RF – Microwave Engineering has motivated us to launch range of unique "Electromagnetic (Microwave, Infrared & UV)" industrial heating & drying product.

We have in house material testing laboratory for verifying the feasibility of Electromagnetic (Microwave / Infrared / UV) drying.

We are having experience technical man power in design, quality & production.

Our business is driven on QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) approach. We believe in supplying the product "within budget without compromise". We continually rise above the competition in the development of product innovations. Continuous improvement of product quality through innovative ideas is part of our work Culture.

Our mission is to establish new Innovative technology based on Electromagnetics for application like Dehydration/ Sterilization of Food, Extraction Process, Rubber Curing, Rubber Preheating, Foundry Core Drying, Dewaxing, Textile Yarn Drying , Chemical Reactions etc. in India.

Why us

Twin Engineers not only sell Drying System but also support in process setting for your product. We are also having process lab in our company to take process trials for new products.

We can also design scale up system from lab trials as per your requirements.