Microwave Chemical Reactor

Twin Engineers can design different applicator design as per customer & its process requirements. In special design, it may be a combination of different technologies like Microwave with Hot air, Vacuum, Steam, dehumidified air etc

Microwave can be used for different chemical reaction processing. Here this is the special type of Microwave chemical reactor design with safety controls. In this special design, there is an arrangement for batch or continuous processing.

Main advantages :

  • Faster reaction: Microwave can use higher temperatures than conventional heating system, and consequently the reactions are completed in few minutes instead of hours.
  • Better yield and higher purity: less formation of side product is observed using microwave irradiation, and the product is recovered in higher yield. Consequently, also the purification step is faster and easier.
  • Uniform heating: Microwave heating can make the uniform temperature of objects no matter with the shape of object.
  • Energy efficient: As the microwave only heat water molecules and removes the moisture so it is very energy efficient. In addition small amount of transmission loss.
  • Easy scale-up: with its technology and large range of reactor vessels, allows scale-up from few milliliters to one liter without changing reaction parameters.
  • Reproducibility: the patented microwave diffuser for homogeneous microwave irradiation inside the cavity and precise control of reaction parameters, such as temperature, pressure and power, always re-produces the same reaction conditions. It is very simple to save and use an optimized synthesis method.
  • Easy to use: all the software is very easy to use and all reactions can be easily moved from conventional to microwave heating.
  • Safe and sound: no radioactive hazards and harmful emissions, no waste of heat and material, no dust pollution.

Safety Features :

  • Door double security by contact
  • Temperature sensor for temperature measurement inside microwave cavity as well as outside
  • Internal N2 gas purging ¼'valve
  • Anti splash display protection.
  • Arc detector for magnetron safety
  • Microwave visible window with light
  • Exhaust fan to remove vapors for batch drying

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