Amla Infrared – Microwave Conveyorised Drying / Sterilization System

Twin Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Microwave - Infrared Drying System for Amla Drying In India. It's a Low temperature Drying Process hence retains all nutritional content, Flavor, Aroma, Color.

Traditional Drying Method:

Sun Drying: Takes Long Drying time, Large space area Required, Dust problem which deteriorate Product quality, wastage due to long drying time, Possibility of pilferage, Creates Problem in Rainy days and also large number of labors required.

Hot Air Oven Drying: High Energy Required, Long Drying Time, Large space area required, Heating from Outside to Inside which affect the product quality.

Continuous Infrared – Microwave Amla Drying System

Continuous type Amla drying system includes sequential Infrared & Microwave Drying System. Infrared is used to Pre heat the material & remove free moisture in Initial Stage while Microwave is used to remove last bound Moisture. This Continuous Drying system is specially designed for Amla Drying Process.

This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform. It can be used for multiple applications like Drying, Sterilization, Cooking, Roasting, Extraction etc.


  • Environment friendly Process since no boiler is used. With this new & Green Technology we can have product with original natural taste, aroma & Flavor since low temperature Drying.
  • Reduce Process time & Energy Efficient since no wastage of heat in surrounding
  • You can have commercial sterilization effect means your product Shelf life will increase with technology compared to conventional drying process.
  • Continuous Infrared – Microwave system is a modular type design. Modular design is done for redundancy & easier transportation. For Future Expansion, you just need to add few Modules instead of Total new system. Different controls are given for process control & safety purpose.
  • Low space Area Required as well as Reduce labour requirements


  • Product Temperature Indicator with Controller
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Microwave power control
  • Multi magnetron system for uniform Heating
  • Modular Design – In Future expansion you just have to add module in place of total new system
  • Energy Efficient & Environment friendly
  • Emergency Switch
  • Instant Start up – shut down

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