Continuous Infrared Pre-vulcanization Shock system for rubber profiles

Twin Engineers is a Leading Manufacturer of Continuous Infrared Rubber Pre - Vulcanization System in India.

The Infrared System is highly efficient for the pre-vulcanization of rubber profiles and hoses. The high power infrared radiation pre-cures the surface of the rubber products. This is related to a better dimension stability and an excellent surface quality. Through an optimized reflector design we reduced the energy consumption and improve the cleanness of the system. The infrared system is available in vertical and horizontal design in different lengths and heating capacities. This type of Infrared Pre vulcanization line is already very successful in many Rubber Industries of India.

Advantages & USP's

  • Fast and even curing
  • Clean and cost-effective process
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Saving valuable work floor space
  • Green technology.


The Infrared Pre - Vulcanization System can be arranged between the rubber extruder and the continuous Microwave vulcanization line. The high power infrared radiation pre-cures the surface of the rubber products for dimensional stability & boosts vulcanization process of Rubber Profiles.

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Major tool for improving quality, productivity & reduction in production cost. Saves fuel/electricity, time as well as reduce environment pollutions.

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