Grains Infrared – Microwave Conveyorised Drying / Sterilization / Disinfection System

Twin Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Infrared – Microwave Grains Drying / Sterilization System in India.

Continuous Grains Drying System include sequential Infrared & Microwave Technology. Infrared is used to Pre heat the material & remove free moisture in Initial Stage while Microwave is used to remove last bound Moisture. Conveyorised Infrared – Microwave system is specially designed for Grain Drying / Sterilization Process. This is a low temperature Drying / Sterilization Process compared to conventional Drying / Sterilization Process.

This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform. It can be used for multiple applications like Drying, Sterilization, Cooking, Roasting, Extraction etc.


  • Reduce Drying Time
  • Reduce microbial load & Increase Product Shelf life
  • Uniform Heating with Clean product
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • With this new & Green Technology we can have product with original natural taste, aroma & Flavor since Low temperature Drying
  • Environment Friendly atmosphere since No boiler is used
  • Instant Start up – shut down. No wastage of energy in Preheating
  • Low Space area requirement as well as reduce labour requirement
  • Control on Process setting


  • Temperature Indicator with Controller
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Emergency Switch
  • Pulsating Power
  • Multi magnetron system for uniform Heating
  • Modular Design – In Future expansion you just have to add module in place of total new system
  • Instant Start up – shut down

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