Green Tea / Black Tea
Infrared – Microwave Conveyorised Drying / Sterilization System

Twin Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Green Tea /Black Tea Electromagnetic Infrared – Microwave Drying System in India. This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform. Infrared – Microwave Drying Technology can be used for multiple applications like Drying, Sterilization, Cooking, Roasting, Extraction etc. With this new & Green Technology we can have product with original natural taste, aroma & Flavour.

Traditional Drying Method

Green Tea Drying: In Conventional drying process, leaves are swivelled for nearly 30 minutes at 55°C warm air. In this process, the leaves lose about 50% of their moisture content. But physical and chemical changes occurred during drying process which affects the final tea quality.

Black Tea Drying: In Conventional Drying Process, hot air at 120°C is passed over the product for removing the moisture content. The colour and aroma in tea comes from different constituents like poly-phenols. At high temperature some of these constituents is getting lost and affect the final quality of the tea which can be minimized if temperature is low.

Continuous Infrared - Microwave Tea Drying Method

Twin Engineers has developed Electromagnetic Technology which includes Sequential Infrared Hot air & Microwave system especially for the Tea Processing. There is no requirement of Boiler or any other type of fuel in this technology. This is a fully electrical system with control of Belt speed, Product Temperature & Power Density.


  • In Electromagnetic Technology, uniformly heating of every edge of tea avoiding burning corners, stem and edges. We can have better quality tea product without any coal smoke effect as compared to hot air drying.
  • There is no wastage of energy in structure and environment heating as in conventional heating. No need for preheating of the system so energy & time saving also.
  • Electromagnetic technology is a low temperature drying process.
  • The structure of cells is uniform and better maintained by microwave drying. The tea quality can be assured by using Infrared – microwave drying with less damaged cell structure and more retained nutrients which correspond to the highest sensory score.
  • With Electromagnetic technology we can have commercial sterilization effect within drying process. We can also have special sterilization module with drying line which will have efficient microbial load killing effect in less time. Because of this, product shelf life will be increase with electromagnetic drying process compared to conventional.
  • Environment friendly, Instant start up & Instant shut down are attractive features of the system.
  • Space and time saving with clean working environment are another attractive features of this technology.


  • Product Temperature Indicator with Controller
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Microwave power control
  • Multi magnetron system for uniform Heating
  • Modular Design – In Future expansion you just have to add module in place of total new system
  • Energy Efficient & Environment friendly
  • Emergency Switch

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Get original natural taste, Flavor, Aroma at economical cost. Reduce Process Time with better quality & commercial Sterilization effect.
Black Tea Drying Process
Continuous Type Electromagnetic Green Tea / Black Tea Drying System

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