Microwave Chemical / Pharmaceuticals Powder Drying System

Twin Engineers is the leading Manufacturer of Microwave – Infrared Chemical/ Pharmaceuticals powder/Tablet Drying System In India.

In Microwave – Infrared Drying Technology, Water molecules in the Product absorb the Microwave energy and generate heat. Hence the Product can be dried evenly and thoroughly within a very short time and keeps the original properties and color due to the low temperature microwave drying. The microwave also has the sterilizing effect. It can kill the microorganism and bacteria to prevent the mildew during storage and extend the shelf life.

This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform.

Different type of chemicals like Sodium Chloride, Sodium citrate, Potassium chloride, Sodium sulphate, Calcium acetate, Magnesium sulphate, Copper sulphate, Phosphate, Micro crystalline cellulose, Di sodium phosphate, Ferrous sulphate, Sodium Meta Bi – Sulphite, Melamine, Bakelite, Ceramic, TMTD Chemical, Copper pyrophosphate,Lead & zinc concentrate, zirconium oxychloride, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium carbonate, zirconium potassium carbonate, zirconium sulfate, zirconium oxide, zirconium sulfate, Boron carbide, Nickel hydroxide, Molybdenum concentrate, Ammonium molybdate, lithium cobalt oxide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, manganese carbonate, Zinc Ferrate, Sodium Aetate, Nickel Acetate , Nickel Carbonate,  Chromium Nitrate, Chromium Chloride, Cobalt Nitrate, Copper Acetate,  Copper Carbonate etc. Can be successfully dried with this technology.

We are designing different system like Continuous Microwave Dryer, Microwave Tray Dryer, Microwave Rotary Dryer etc.


  • Improve the characteristic of granules
  • Reduction in unwanted side reaction
  • Reduction in Germ Count
  • Destruction Of Micro Organism
  • Chemical Stability is unaffected by Microwave irradiation
  • Reduce environment Problem.
  • Purity in product


  • Product Temperature Control
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Microwave Power Control
  • Special Arrangement for Uniformity
  • Easy cleaning arrangement
  • Emergency Switch
  • Modular Design is available in Conveyorized design so just need to add Modules in the future expansion in place of Whole new System

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Let the Technology Work For You. Fast & Pollution Free Technique with good quality at economical cost.

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