Microwave Preheater for Rubber Tyre

Twin Engineers is the leading manufacturer of Microwave Preheater for Rubber Tyres in India.

Microwave Rubber Tyre preheating System increases green strength which is useful when the tyre components are assemble before vulcanization. The Preheat time is very short in minutes as compared to long time required to cure these thick tyres.

Depending upon the thickness of the product, Microwave energy can heat rubber up to hundred times faster than with conventional heating methods.

Advantages & USP's

  • Reduce Curing Time
  • Uniform Curing
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Lower Tooling Cost
  • Provide Better Flow
  • Reduce Processing Cost


The Microwave Preheater can be introduced in existing compression Moulding Plant before moulding. Microwave can preheat the rubber performs before moulding faster than any other Preheaters like electric oven.

Type of Rubbers can be preheated

EPDM, NItrile, natural, etc. (except silicon)

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Increase Green Strength & Reduce Curing time by 25-30% with Microwave Preheater. Cost Effective Solution for Rubber Industry.

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