Microwave - Infrared - UV Sterilization / Disinfection System

Twin Engineers is the leading manufacturer of Microwave, Infrared & UV Sterilization System in India.

In Microwave, Infrared & UV Sterilization, Product nutritional content, Color & Flavor will not be affected since it is a Low Temperature Sterilization Process. Under the same temperature, it needs a shorter time to sterilize with the Microwave technology than with traditional methods. It can sterilize the materials outside and inside at the same time.

Surface temperature increased rapidly as infrared rays directly heated the surface without any need for conductors. IR Technology can be used to inactivate bacteria, spores, yeast, and mould in both liquid and solid foods.

High doses of radiation are used to kill harmful bacteria in food and to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

We can also design scale up system from lab trials as per your requirements.


  • Low Temperature Processing
  • Reduce Process Time
  • Retain Nutritional Content, Aroma & Flavour
  • Uniform Processing
  • Less Space Requirement
  • Improve Product shelf life


  • Microwave Power Control
  • Product Temperature Control
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Emergency Switch
  • Instant Start up & Shut Down
  • Easy to Install