Microwave Yarn Drying System

Twin Engineers is the leading Manufacturer of Continuous Microwave Yarn Drying System in India.

Twin Microwave Yarn Drying system is a Modular type design which provides flexibility to an increase production up to 30% by adding modules means No need to purchase total new system for expansion. This Continuous Microwave System is multi magnetron system Hence Partial maintenance will not stop total production. It's an Environment friendly Process.

Advantages & USP's

  • Fast & Uniform Heating
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • No pigment contamination
  • No dye migration
  • No steam requirements
  • Compact equipment size
  • Pollution free


  • Temperature Indicator with Controller
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Emergency Switch
  • Pulsating Power
  • Multi magnetron system for uniform Heating
  • Modular Design
Let Your Process Be More Uniform, Controllable & Faster Pollution Free, Easy to operate & Improve Product Quality