Microwave Steam Assisted Cooking Reactor System

Twin Engineers can also design custom built products with different applicator design as per customer & its process requirements. In special design, it may be a combination of different technologies like Microwave with Hot air, Vacuum, Steam, dehumidified air etc.

"TWIN" Microwave Steam assisted Cooking Reactor System is consisting of Microwave Reaction Unit, Microwave Power Supply, Control Panel, Loading Platform, Cylindrical Pressure Vessel, Agitating System etc. The treatment comprises irradiating an organic waste with Microwave energy in a steam assisted reactor system in the presence of Acid. This system is design for Vegetable waste management processing.

Special features :

Construction :

  • Type of Chamber: corrosion proof stainless steel304.
  • Steam: Jacketed (Insulation) Steam section along with Inlet & Outlet.
  • Platform for loading the material made of FRP / Steel.
  • Shape of Chamber: Cylindrical with dish end.
  • Inlet & Discharge of Material: Specially designed arrangement for Inlet & outlet of the material.

Controls :

  • Over pressure electrical cutoff.
  • Mechanical Pressure release valve.
  • Thermal Fuse o Temperature sensors.
  • Microwave power controller.
  • Adjustable Timer.

Safety :

  • Multi Level Facility for Pressure & temp.
  • Chamber doors : Specially designed for Electromechanical shielding to avoid the electromagnetic Radiations

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